Jing Gong JG MP5K, Black


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This Airsoft electric powered MP5K replica is first and foremost, compact and versatile, being insanely easy to sling around corners and put it to work. The ambidextrous controls (a welcome trait of HK) are a treat for left handed users or you maximum level operators who can switch on a dime, as you can effectively use all the controls of the replica regardless of whether you’re left or right handed. A single sling point at the rear is ideal for attaching a one point sling for some serious point-man action; leaving you with an easy to wield primary that can keep up with the rest of the field.

The construction on this replica is very nice and brings the total weight to 1.84kg, which makes it feel very dense and convincing once it’s in your hands. The foregrip and lower receiver are Polymer whereas as the rest of the replica is made entirely from a tough Alloy; leaving you with one very realistically weighted and built Airsoft gun. The HOP is adjusted via a slider system, and is accessed by removing the front handguard pin and sliding it off the replica.

There is a battery and charger included in the box which is everything you need to get you started except bbs.

Whether you’re looking for a compact backup or primary for CQB, a RIF that you can conceal on your person or just something with a boat-load of character and pre-90s aesthetic, you’ve found it!


Very realistic construction
Polymer foregrip and lower receiver
Alloy upper receiver, fire controls and trim.
8.4v 800mAh NiMH battery included
EU 2 pin charger included
Rear sling point
Incredibly compact
Total weight of 1.84kg
Ideal backup or (in-game) concealed carry
Slider type HOP adjust
HK rotary drum iron sight
Ambidextrous fire controls
Ambidextrous magazine release
Functional mock charging handle

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