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Double Bell not a name you know ? well don’t worry these guys have been around a fair few years in fact Double Bell is the new name for Dboys, quick change of name to through the authorities in China off the scent

Double Bell are not a new manufacturer to the Airsoft market and have been producing weapons for a number of years under Dboys so they know a thing or two.

So lets get down to its, This snappy named BY-811 is in fact a HK416 with Geissele rail system. Up until now if you wanted and out of box 416 with this style of rail system you either went for the TM 416 DEVGRU which have their place but pricey or you went for one of E&C versions that’s sold under a number of different brands Specna Arms One Series for example, which although great weapons they are still around the £250 plus mark.

The BY-811 is a full metal construction weapon with the only plastic parts are the Stock and Pistol grip, these both feel great and sturdy.
So what’s the internals like, surprisingly very good, a standard v2 gearbox with quick change spring system is the beating heart of the BY811. 7mm Steel ball bearings take care of the gearset. the inner barrel is 285mm in length and a diameter of 6.03mm which is nice to see.
A nice feature that you don’t see that often on this level of AEG is the working Bolt Catch, having this make adjusting the hop so much easier.

On test this beauty was kicking out an average of 340fps on 0.2s this makes it great for both indoor and outdoor games.
If you ever wanted to do a Jason Hayes inspired build from Seal team but couldn’t justify the expense of a TM NGRS or E&C / Specna Arms version then this BY811 is going to be just up your street.

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