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Time to dig out the 58 pattern and Temperate DPM!
If you served in HM Armed forces service from 1954 to 1994 there is very high probability that your issued weapon was the SLR. If you have longed to own a true L1A1 since you started playing Airsoft now is your chance.
Fitted with the polymer furniture (Butt Stock and Fore grip) you won’t have to hope that when queuing up to be issued with your weapon that you get the polymer version and not the wood furniture version 🙂

Ares have reintroduced the L1A1 SLR AEG, as with its real steel counterpart its a semi action only AEG.

With its Steel Upper Receiver, Alloy Lower Receiver and Metal Gear Box it is about half a kilo lighter than the Real Steel SLR (not a bad thing as we are all just that little bit older)

Ares only recommend the use of NiMah/NiCad batteries in the SLR the use of Lipos/LiFE type will void any warranty.

BATTERY: 9.6V 1500mAH Mini (2/3A) Nunchuck
MODE: Semi Auto / Safe
MATERIAL: Steel + Zinc Alloy
MOTOR: High Torque Flat Motor
HOP-UP: Adjustable
LENGTH: 1155mm
WEIGHT: 3790g

The L1A1 and variants have seen use in several conflicts, including as part of the Cold War. L1A1s have been used by the British Armed Forces in Malaysia, Northern Ireland, and in the Falklands War (in opposition to FN FAL-armed Argentine forces), the First Gulf War (where it was still on issue to some second line British Army units and RAF personnel not yet issued with the L85A1),

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