ZO - FAST Helmet Cover - Multicam

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Muticam helmet cover for Fast Helmets..

Bump Fast Helmet Cover is a great way to camo your plain coloured helmet and match it to your new camo scheme.

The helmet cover is made of cordura, which makes it tough and hard wearing. It attaches to the helmet using hook and loop straps, which will attach to sticky hook and loop pads that you attach inside the helmet. The outside of the cover has two small hook and loop patches on the front as well as a larger one on top and the back and sides. These hook and loop patches allow you to attach patches and accessories to the helmet. There are also fabric loops along both sides for you to run any cables through for either night vision or communications.


  • Made from Cordura
  • Fits fast helmets
  • Attaches with hook and loop
  • 6x hook and loop patches for attaching patches and lights to
  • Multiple loops for running cables for night vision and communications through