Western Arms - Beretta M92FS Orginal

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Western Arms - Beretta M92FS Orginal

One of the most iconic pistols ever produced, the Beretta M92FS has been seen in countless action movies and in the hands of hundred of actors, who cant relate to seeing Bruce Willis using his trusty M92 in Die Hard.

The Berretta was selected by the US army to replace the M1911 in 1985 as the issue sidearm and became the M9

Western Arms proudly make much of the fact that their Berettas are licensed replicas of the real thing. Indeed, Beretta used to have a page on their site dedicated to the Western Arms Beretta range and this suggests that Beretta feel good enough about the Western Arms replicas to associate themselves and their quality values with those of Western Arms, which speaks volumes.

As with any modern Western Arms Beretta, the 92FS feels solid and realistically balanced and heavy in the hand. A real 92FS would, of course be heavier, but even heavier replicas, such as the WE M9 they do not feel as realistic, thanks to WA's attention to detail and the balance of the gun. 
The look is great, with a slightly matt finish (the gun is made of the Heavyweight ABS/metal mix familiar from most other WA guns and some other makes, notably KSC, Marushin and Tanaka) and the very famous Beretta styling is, as you would expect, faithfully reproduced with the correct markings.


Due to the rarity of Western Arms and spare parts the pistols are tested before despatch and sold as a collectors item only.

Please note these pistols must be used with HCF134A gas only