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This meticulously mapped at a scale of 1:1 - both the dimensions and weight in a attempt to copy the real H&K MP7.

The frame is made of reinforced poly material, the Flash Hider, trigger, sights, and the selector lever are made of out of metal.
The design has been refined in every respect. The retractable stock does not wobble from side to side and guarantees a stable platform.
The MP7  is equipped with a folding vertical foregrip, and also has space for mounting accessories on the front RIS rails.
The selector lever and bolt releases are convenient and effortless to use also for left-handers.
The replica has a set of folding, mechanical iron sights flip-up.
The GBB's recoil and  blow-back is really strong and impressive - felt by both the shoulder shooter when in semi and full auto. Just like the real steel, after the last shot rounds of ammunition the bolt locks back.
All these elements add realism and make it as close as possible to how  the real MP7 shoots.
With good balance, it does not make a problem firing with one hand holding the MP7 like a sidearm
Powered by green gas - as with most GBB's the gas is stored in the magazine.
The Magazine itself is very solid, made almost entirely of metal. It is a low-cap of the double-stack structure and its capacity of 40rds.
The WE MP7 is the perfect choice for any lover gas guns. With its compact footprint replica can be used even in confined spaces, or as a secondary for a sniper, it can be easily hidden when the need arises. It is also convenient to transport. It guarantees a lot of fun with the shooting.