WE Nuprol 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas

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Looking for the ultimate gas for your GBB or GBBR ?

Want to be able to use your GBB or GBBR in winter or cold damp conditions? Then the Nuprol 4.0 Black is the product for you want and need.

Product Details:
Name Designation: NUPROL 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas - Black
Manufacturer: WE Europe
Gas Type: Black gas
Container: Aluminium
Nozzle Type: Metal
Weight: 450g
Optimum Operating Temperature: 3°c - 20°c

Metal nozzle and canister
Ultimate power gas
Low temperature efficiency
Exceptional trajectory control
Constant pressure stabilisation
Non hazardous CFC formula

Increase in FPS when you let your gas settle in the mags

Protective pre-dust cover over metal nozzle to prevent damage in transit
Package Includes:
1x NUPROL 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas - Black

Special Instructions:

Please note that this is the most powerful WE Gas produced to date, and as such it should not be used with Blow back weapons with Polymer / Plastic Slides. Nuprol and Fubar Bundy Ltd will not be held responsible for any subsequent damage caused if used in GBB/GBBRs that have pollen or plastic slides