WE - Hi-Capa 4.3 GBB

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If you are a fan of the iconic 1911 style pistol but want to have more ammo capaity then a HI-Capa pistol is the ideal choice for you.

WE Hi-Capa's are produced in three sizes the 3.8 which is a great concealed carry sidearm with a smaller frame as well as slide length. The 4.3 which is a full size frame and shorter slide and then the big brother the 5.1 long slide and full size frame. There are a couple of other lengths like the 7.0 Dragon which is massive but its based on the 5.1.

This is the mid size 4.3 Hi-Capa which is FULL METAL Heavy Weight a metal frame with Full Metal Slide, Barrel & Lower Frame, this WE HI-CAPA makes a great side arm on your next skirmish FULL METAL CONSTRUCTION resembles the M1911
The 4.3 is a semi only lGas Blow Back Pistol it has  smooth slide cycling with clicks & clacks which adds the the enjoyment of not only shooting the pistol but racking the slide before that first shot.

28 Rds Capacity Magazine will keep you in the fight longer than most other pistols.
To give the pistol the accuracy and range the 4.3 has an adjustable Hop-Up which allows you to get the best performance for your chosen weight of bb.
A Textured grip and solid pistol frame equipped with 20mm lower rail for Flashlight or Laser Sight attachment let you customise the pistol to your own taste
Powerful 270fps with 144a