WE - Glock 17 Gen 5 - Black



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The flagship of the G-Series is of course the full-size G17. Even with rounded corners and a straight grip you can see a big and bulky pistol in the pictures. Exactly what you expect from this model. According to WE this is also compatible with many holsters built for the original model.

General changes to the G-Series Gen. 5 models

WE Airsoft has of course adopted the most important changes of the 5th generation.

Like the original model, G-series pistols must have distinct edges. Well, it’s been that way for 30 years, or not? But with the Gen. 5 something has changed, at least a little. So the front edges of the slide are now rounded. This should help getting the pistol faster in the holster. Otherwise very little was changed here and the often demanded front slide surrations did not get be made on the original, thus the clone of course also not.

The G-Series Gen. 5 stands out especially due to its ambidextrous controls. This gives them a slide catch that can be operated from both sides. The magazine release button can also be reversed on the real steel. Whether WE Airsoft has also adopted this feature is to be advised.

With the Gen. 3 the ergonomically formed finger grooves were introduced. A feature that can also be found at many other manufacturers in the meantime. The G-series now goes back to a smooth grip. Whether this is better or worse is probably a matter of personal preferences

Under stress even simple things like reloading the pistol can become difficult. This should be compensated by a slightly enlarged and flared magazine well. Since this is really a matter of a few millimeters, this effect will probably be rather small with the G-Series Gen. 5. But it’s still nice that WE has thought about this feature as well with is appearance on the real steel.