WE Europe - Apache A2 (MP5A2) GBB

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If you have seen any films or TV programmes with Close Protection or body guards, there will always be an operator not to far away carrying an version of the classic MP5

WE Europes Apache A2 or to anybody else MP5A2 is the full stock version of the Mp5.

This GBB is constructed as the it's real life counterpart in both metal and polymer.

Metal - Outer Barrel, Bolt, Upper Receiver.

Polymer - Lower Receiver, Handgrip. Buttstock

As this is a GBB it has the real feel operation of a cycling closed bolt system. The shooting modes on this model are semi, 3rd burst and full auto.

Operation: GBB
Length: 690mm
Weight: 2550g
Fire Modes: Semi / Burst / Full Auto
FPS: Approx. 330fps