VFC - Robinsons Arms XCR Mini

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The AEGS s are based off of the real steel Robinson Armament XCR-L Mini. This airsoft replica comes with full Robinson Armament trademarks.

Externally, this gun is exquisite. The upper and lower receiver are aluminium alloy with a matte black finish. It's lightly textured and feels tough. The lower receiver appears to be very similar to a standard M4 receiver but the upper receiver resembles an AK's receiver. It features a folding stock which cuts the total length of 29in (74cm) to 20in (51cm).
The barrel is machined aluminium and the flash hider is steel. The built on rail system is also machined aluminium and looks stunning. There are sling points on the rear of the gun.
The pistol grip is nylon fibre and are nicely textured and feels nice.
The other parts like the front sight, bolt catch, selector switch, and magazine catch are all zinc and have the same matte black finish.
This gun has a functional bolt catch and thin pistol grip to emulate a real firearm.
As previously mentioned, this gun has CNC engraved real steel trademarks with correct caliber markings. They are clean and deep.
This gun does NOT come with iron sights. Also, there is MINIMAL wobble on this gun.
This gun uses retaining body pins which is a great touch.
The internals are just as beautiful as the externals. Firstly, the barrel is brass, 6.04mm by 247mm.
The hop-up is poly-carb and clear.
The bucking and nub are fine, no need to replace. Now for the gearbox. This gun has:

-Split CNCd zinc gearbox w/ front reinforcement
-8mm steel bushings
-chrome type 1 cylinder
-steel ball bearing spring guide
-steel gears w/ auto-shimming system
-clear poly-carb piston
-aluminium, ported piston head with thrust spacer
-M120 spring
-poly-carb cylinder head w/ thick dampening pad
-proprietary poly-carb air nozzle with O ring

Split gearbox is very easy to work on, even for the non-experienced tech.
The proprietary air nozzle is not an issue as it provides a VERY good air seal. The motor is a 30,000 RPM, high speed long type.