VFC - 1911 Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II GBB

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The VFC LAPD style 1911 is based on the former SWAT used pistol used by their operators.  This 1911 was famously used in movies such as "SWAT" and by one of the operators in the hit Samuel L Jackson movie "The Negotiator".  

The build quality, fit and finish, and feeling of the pistol is exceptional.  The ergonomics are what you would expect from all 1911s with the exception of the sights.  The front and rear sights are very readable and incredibly easy to track! 

The system is VFC's first foray into the 1911 market and no matter it be in terms of FPS consistency, accuracy, recoil impulse, and stability the pistol performs well.  The gun also employs VFC's signature guide hop that allows adjustments to be made on the fly without the need to remove the slide.