Valken - Accelerate 0.30g - 2500rds BBS

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Valken Accelerate 0.30g BBs (2500)

The Valken Accelerate are one of the best brands of airsoft bb on the market with their strict manufacturing process, they are polished to perfection.

0.30g BBs are great for bolt action sniper rifles, DMR setups and are the chosen weight for most R-hop modifications according to the community.

This threaded top bottle contains 2500 airsoft BBs and keeps them all airtight from moisture and dirt.

The Player’s selection of weight can be determined by factoring combinations of play style, airsoft gun  (power/upgrades), game environment (CQB/Milsim/Outdoor), and local rule sets.


  • 6mm Premium Pro Match Grade
  • Diameter: 5.95mm +/- .01 Tolerances
  • Ball-bearing quality design
  • Polished to perfection
  • Made in Taiwan