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The Heckler & Koch HK53 is a variant of the HK33 which is basically a 5.56mm version of the famous H&K G3 rifle but resembles more of an MP5, and uses Heckler & Koch's famous roller-delayed blowback system. The HK33 was in response to the United States adopting an intermediate cartridge during the Vietnam War. However, Germany didn't adopt the 5.56mm NATO round until the arrival of the H&K G36 rifle. The HK33 was big and even its "Carbine" variant the HK33K was not compact enough for some clandestine units. Which is why the HK53 was born.  The HK53 bears a similar size to the MP5A5 or the MP5A3, featuring a retractable stock and a handguard of the same size as the MP5A5 and A3. Due to this fact, a lot of external accessories that are designed for the MP5 will also fit on the HK53 rifle. It is also because of this, many units and operators who are familiar with the MP5 platform would opt to also stock the HK53, the best example for this is the British armed police and armed forces adopting the rifle as the L101A1 as some units mainly units that were quelling the Troubles such as the legendary Special Air Service (SAS) were armed with the HK53 as it has the same manual of arms and size as the MP5 yet it can deliver more stopping power and could deal with combatants with body armor, Other than that, the United States Navy SEALs also used it in small numbers during the Vietnam War designated as the T223 made under license by Harrington & Richardson (H&R) due to the available 40 round magazines.

To this day the United States Border Patrol still uses the HK53 as well.  The Umarex HK53 gas airsoft rifle is a faithful replica of the German Cold War classic. Just like their real steel counterparts, as well as the Umarex H&K G3 and MP5s, the HK53 gas airsoft rifle, is made of stamped sheet steel and high-quality polymers, giving it the same robustness you could expect from the real deal itself. The HK53 like the Umarex H&K G3 and some early model MP5s features a classic lower receiver, but instead of having the standard S, E, and F markings it comes with 0, 1, and 25 with 0 meaning safe, 1 meaning semi-auto and 25 for full auto making this quite unique among the Umarex H&K family of airsoft replicas. Internally, VFC has beefed up the Umarex  HK53 by giving it a big bore bolt system and heavy recoil buffer with heavy recoil springs to give the HK53 gas airsoft rifle more felt recoil yet having realistic cycling and rate of fire.

The HK53 gas airsoft rifle also features VFC's new Hop-up adjustment system, meaning you could adjust the hop-up by simply removing the handguard and rotating the dial, allowing you to adjust the hop without the need to remove the magazine.  As mentioned before, the real Heckler & Koch MP5 and the HK53 have a lot of external accessories that could be cross-compatible, this, fortunately, is also true for the airsoft versions as well! VFC has made a lot of external accessories for the Umarex H&K MP5 over time such as the Picatinny handguard, fixed buttstock, V-Light 5 Tactical Handguard Weaponlight, Picatinny Top rails, and even the lower receiver trigger group all are cross-compatible. So, just like a SAS trooper back in the day, if you already own a Umarex H&K MP5 and have a lot of accessories lying around, The Umarex  HK53 could just be your next purchase.  The Umarex HK53 gas airsoft rifle, whether you are a Cold War fanatic, a fan of the old school special forces, or if you just really enjoy HK slapping your gun, the G3 family's middle child is the Cold War assault rifle to own!


  • Build Material : Aluminum Alloy / Steel / Fiber Polymer
  • HK33/53 lightweight aluminium alloy extra large cylinder bolt carrier
  • Magazine with no BBs no-fire function
  • Fully Licensed by Umarex & H&K 
  • World's First Gas Blowback HK53 Airsoft Replica Literally a 556 Caliber MP5
  • Classic Lower with Unique 0, 1, and 25 Markings
  • New Design Bolt Set for Enhanced Performance
  • New Empty Magazine Fire Stop Function
  • Stamped Steel Receiver
  • Heavy Recoil Buffer and Recoil Springs Installed
  • Retractable Stock
  • Will Only Work With Umarex / VFC HK53 & HK33 Gas Magazines
  • Enhanced buffer & recoil spring, powerful blowback action
  • Magazine Capacity : 30 Rounds ( 6mm BB Bullets )
  • Length : 555 / 750 mm
  • Inner Barrel Length : 208 mm
  • Weight : 2895 g ( with magazine )
  • System : Gas Blowback
  • Firing Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. 330 fps ( +/- 10% ) with 0.2g bbs