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Introducing the USP 9mm from Umarex. Complete will fully licensed H&K markings engraved into the matte black slide, this USP looks the business. Managing somehow to be both blocky and intimidating whilst being sleek and elegant, the USP platform is one of my personal favourites of all time. I will try to be as impartial as I can whilst describing it but this pistol definitely lives up to my high standards and I'm sure it will yours.

Starting with the top slide we can take note of one of the features H&K put in to the USP in the early 90s that Glock only just got around to in their gen.5 series; the chamfered front of the slide. This was years ahead of its time, and makes reholstering the USP-9 an absolute breeze, guiding the pistol back home for you! The slide itself is made from a single piece of alloy and is precisely machined to provide a high-quality imitation of the USP slide with its sharp angles, serrations, and bold but discretely engraved "H&K USP 9mmx19" on the left side. The serrations are present at the rear of the slide and assist the operator in keeping a good grip on the pistol whilst racking the slide to chamber the first round. Atop the slide, we can find the iron sights, which are high visibility white dot sights. These are very easily acquired, nice and accurate, and robust to the extent that a drop or two will not see your sights moving out of alignment. Within the slide, we have a metal outer barrel, with "HK 9mmx19" engraved in the chamber, visible from the left side of the pistol. Just behind the chamber, we can note the USP's extended extractor, which serves no purpose on an Airsoft GBB pistol but is a separate component; evidence of the close attention to detail paid by Umarex when manufacturing the pistol. At the rear of the slide we can find the steel hammer, which actuates with the trigger and can be decocked by pushing the safety lever downwards. The trigger is of a curved design and sits nicely under the trigger finger. Being a double-action/single-action design the pistol can be carried "cocked and locked" like a 1911, or decocked with a round already chambered, depending on your preference.

The polymer frame is constructed of high-density fibre reinforced material, keeping the pistol light and strong, as well as maintaining the authentic appearance of the real USP-9. on the right side of the pistol there are more licensed H&K trademarks, with "Cal 6mm BB" and "Heckler & Koch GmbH" engraved in small font just behind the trigger, and "USP" on each side of the pistol grip, near to the base. Moving to the left side of the frame, we can find the controls. The slide release/hold open is a large and chunky piece, extending to be operated by the thumb when holding the pistol in a firing grip. The surface features aggressive linear texturing to ensure you release the slide and don't slip off the controls. The safety/decocking lever can be found towards the rear of the pistol, with horizontal being fire, rotated slightly upwards being safe and pushed downwards decocking the hammer, enabling safe carry in condition 1 without engaging the manual safety. The fire modes are indicated with visible red and white markings in typical H&K style. The magazine release can be found between the pistol grip and the trigger guard, and is ambidextrous: allowing use of either the thumb or trigger finger of either hand to be used to release the magazine. This magazine release gets a lot of *beep* from Americans, but I find it to be much more usable and secure than button magazine releases the US Armed Forces insist on having on every pistol. The fact that it is ambidextrous is a bonus! The pistol grip itself features stippling on the left and right side and super-aggressive pyramidal checkering on the front and backstrap, keeping the pistol secure in your hands in any weather condition. At the bottom rear of the pistol grip we can note the inclusion of a lanyard loop, a feature I find is regularly left out of many otherwise well-designed pistols. This allows you to attach a lanyard, and prevents you from losing your handgun when crawling in the woods (believe me, my lanyard has saved my USP and MK.23 from being lost in leaf litter plenty of times). The trigger guard is massive, really rather big, which is great if you skirmish using gloves as you will not be inhibited when trying to get your finger to the trigger quick-time! The guard is also shaped specifically to protect the magazine release from being bumped and inadvertently dropping your magazine on the floor, where it doesn't belong. The front face of the trigger guard has texturing, enabling effective use of the "European Grip" which increases the shooter's control over "muzzle flip", allowing you to pull the muzzle down for faster follow-up shots. Beneath the H&K dovetail rail on the dust cover, more trademarks! Here we have "Licensed Trademark of Heckler and Koch GmbH" surrounding the aluminium serial number plate. The last thing to read on the outside of the Umarex H&K USP 9mm is the ever-helpful "WARNING REFER TO OWNER'S MANUAL" underneath the trigger guard. Thanks for the reminder, Umarex, and a special thanks for the authentic addition of these trademarks which make the Umarex USP 9mm the gorgeous, faithful replica that it is.

The internals of the Umarex USP 9mm aren't slouching either, that's for sure! The lower frame parts are well machined from steel and alloy and come with a good coating of high-quality lubrication to ensure smooth operation. The slide components include a captive recoil spring guide, meaning your recoil spring won't sproing itself across the room during a field strip. The brass inner barrel is 6.03mm in diameter, guaranteeing accuracy without being too tight and causing jams.


  • Double/single action
  • White dot Iron sights
  • Well machined metal slide
  • H&K Licensed Trademarks
  • Aluminium serial number plate
  • Textured ergonomic pistol grip
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Safety lever doubles as a decocker
  • Massive recoil and snappy cyclic rate
  • Enlarged controls - Everything is within reach
  • H&K dovetail rail (requires an adaptor for Picatinny accessories)

Package Includes

  • Umarex H&K USP 9mm
  • USP 9mm Magazine
  • HOP adjustment tool

please note USP .45 magazines are NOT compatible with this pistol