Umarex - Glock 18c Gen 3 GBB Semi/Full Auto

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Umarex / VFC Glock 18c Semi / Full Auto GBB Pistol

Is the 18c the original and ultimate bad guy side arm of choice ?

This is a fully licenced replica of the Glock 18c Gen 3, although very similar in design to its sister the Glock 17 the major difference is the 18c has the ability to fire in full auto mode as well as semi auto. TO help put a grin on your face when firing in full auto Umarex have included a 50rd Extended magazine with the 18c.
The 18c is compatible with normal size Glock 17 magazines
• switchable full-auto
• metal slide
• Picatinny rail on underside
• Adjustable Hop-Up
• Gas blowback
• Authentic replica
• Hop-Up key included
• Hi-Capacity 50 Round magazine included

Length 198mm

Weight 654g

Energy < 1.0 Joule (approx 290-300FPS with 0.20g BB)