Umarex - Glock 17 Gen 5 GBB Pistol - Black

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ntroducing Perfection, The Airsoft UMAREX GLOCK 17 GEN5.
The UMAREX Airsoft GLOCK 17 Gen5 is a Green Gas powered Gas Blowback GLOCK 17 that is built to the highest spec & perfectly replicates the real Glock 17 in all it's glory.
The GLOCK 17 is a polymer framed, short recoil operated locked-breech semi automatic pistol produced & manufactured in Austria and since 1982 has become the most popular pistol in the world. The pistol has seen service in over 45 countries & is currently in use by the United States Police, British Armed Forces and Armed Police Units, as well as many other security & contractor companies. The GLOCK is not only popular within Law Enforcement, it is also a favoured option among civilians, available in a multitude of calibres, sizes & styles the GLOCK is a go to for it's simplicity, ease of use & most importantly, reliability.
The Airsoft GLOCK 17 itself is built just as the real one is, featuring a lightweight, strong & reliable alloy slide which provides the end user with a realistic and authentic recoil / reloading experience, combined with a reinforced polymer frame featuring finger groves for added comfort & ergonomics and a stippled pistol grip thus providing improved traction with the contact surface. These factors also apply to the serrated slide, with six vertical serrations along the backside of the slide this allows for improved manipulation & increased grip regardless as to whether your hands are wet or sweaty.
The Airsoft gun also features a special reinforced nozzle which comes from heavy amounts of stress testing & quality control, providing you with a piece of mind that you can fire away with confidence. You will also find a unique style hop up unit on the underside of the slide, what looks like the inner workings a of a clock is a small silver cog that is fixed to the outer barrel brace, you can turn this left or right to increase / decrease your hop & the measurements of each turn can be studied through a series of clicks per increase or decrease, allowing you to fine tune your hop according to the BB weight you're using. The outer barrel is not threaded & features the classic GLOCK floating outer barrel system which allows full function of the slide with no interruption or hinderance from from internal parts. 

Across the pistol you will see the GLOCK Trademarks, which are licensed by UMAREX & read as follows:

  • GLOCK 17 GEN5
  • 9x19

Officially Licensed Product Of GLOCK
The Airsoft gun is Green Gas powered via the included magazine which provides a stable, satisfying, consistent & impactful kick, bringing it even closer to it's 9x19 chambered counterpart, meaning that you'll always have excellent shot-to-shot consistency.
Overall the Airsoft UMAREX GLOCK 17 is an excellent replication of the real steel variant & it truly does honour all of it's fantastic features & assets that it has to offer, while being one of the most innovative and reliable airsoft replicas on the market. 


  • Officially Licensed GLOCK 17 GEN5 Replica
  • Alloy Slide
  • GLOCK Trademarks
  • Polymer Frame
  • Stippled Pistol Grip
  • Authentic Replica
  • True To Scale
  • Serrated Slide
  • 20mm RIS

Included Items:

  • Green Gas GLOCK Magazine