Tokyo Mauri - HK MP7A1 Gas Blow Back - Tan

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The HK MP7 Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) was designed as a solution for combat troops, special units, staff personnel, drivers, medical staff, logistic troops & military police. The weapon proved to be such an excellent platform and is now used by Special Forces, Police and even the American Secret Service in America

Forward Folding Grip

Gas Operated Blow Back Action

Fully & Semi Sub-Machine Gun

3 Position Retractable Metal Stock

Weaver Scope rail

RIS Side Rail

Trigger Safety Trigger

Realistic marking, this masterpiece just like a real steel


Supported by tons of aftermarket upgrade parts & accessories

  • Length: 380 / 590 mm
  • Weight: 2.2000 kg
  • Magazine Capacity: 40
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~260 fps
  • Powered by: 144a
  • System: Gas Blowback
  • Major Colour: Tan