Tokyo Marui - Night Warrior GBB Pistol

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Tokyo Marui – Night Warrior Gas BlowBack Pistol

The Night Warrior is a much more tactical looking pistol from the Tokyo Marui 1911 product line. The theme for this pistol is in the name. It has dark colours for a more stealthy appearance.

The pistol features a 20mm rail on the frame for mounting accessories and the control are the same as other 1911 models. Powerful, crisp blowback action due to the plastic slide which also gives better gas efficiency compared to other brands that dont utilise CO2.

All Tokyo Marui 1911 magazines will work with this frame including the extended magazine.

Dual-tone finish, with the Slide, Grips and Controls in standard black, and the Frame and RIS rail in Grey.

WARNING! Use only low-pressure gas 144a. Using standard Green Gas can damage the replica mechanism