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The M4 rifle platform is a timeless and history defining weapons system, tried and tested through years of conflict... but it wasn't perfect. Near the turn of the century and the more modern theaters of war it ushered in, the US army started getting complaints that the rifle didn't perform very well in close quarters situations due to it's 20 inch barrel, which was good for higher muzzle velocity and increasing effective range, but not great for door kicking. So the NSWC Crane division got to work developing a new platform, one more suited to CQB scenarios. They came up with the CQBR (Close Quarters Battle Receiver), re designated as the MK18 Mod 0 and Mod 1. Sporting nearly half the barrel length of the M4 yet still having impressive ballistic performance, the MK18 was here to stay.


Here we have Tokyo Marui's faithful replica of the well known Mk18 platform.

Utilising a 10" barrel, full metals parts including receivers, RIS Rails, Sling Points, Sights, Barrel & Stock Tube.

Also including TM's legendary Next Gen Recoil Shock system (NGRS), the rifle has enhanced recoil when the trigger is pulled and includes a stop on empty feature when the magazine is empty, the rifle requires a new magazine and the bolt release pressed to carry on firing, just like the real thing! (Requires TM Sopmod magazine to function).


  • The newest CQBR modeled NEG “Mk18 Mod.1”.
  • SUREFIRE type 4 prong Flash hider.
  • KAC type flip up front site. KAC type 300m flip up rear site.
  • Reproduced Daniel Defense RIS.
  • Regularly equipped CQD type Front sling adopter and Rear sling plate.
  • Next Generation Recoil System

Production Specifications:

    • Length: 715 mm / 790 mm (Stock extended)
    • Inner Barrel Length: 275 mm
    • Weight: 3,210 g  (Including empty magazine)
    • Capacity: 82 rounds
    • Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.28g)
    • Power: Approx 300FPS (1 Joule)