Tokyo Marui - M870 Tactical Shotgun

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Is there anything more intmidating as the sound of a shotgun being racked and loaded ?

The Tokyo Mauri M870 Tactical is a full length, full stock gas powered shotgun, the tricky thing that this bad boy can do is either fire 3 or 6 BBS per shot all selected by the flick of a selector hidden behind the ejection port Cover.

As with the real steel M870 you can slam fire this Shotgun, hold the trigger down and pump away until you are empty ;)

The gas is stored in a removable gas cartridge stored in the stock of the gun, and additional . Refillable gas tank is also accessible from the back of the stock once the butt plate has been removed.

FPS is around 320fps (gas and weather dependent)

This new M870 also has 3 inner barrels. Each shell has a capacity of 30 BBs.
The gun only holds one shell at a time, and it only comes with 1 shell on purchase.

Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun (Gas Powered)
1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Gas Powered Shotgun
SUPREME craftsmanship & TOP NOTCH finishing by Tokyo Marui
Full Metal Receiver and Barrel
Plastic stock and foregrip
3 inner barrels
Shotgun Shell Cartridge hold 30 Rounds of Plastic Bullet Each
Each cocking will Shoot 3 / 6 Bullet out (Double hop up system with switching system)
Able to store shotgun shell on the handguard barrel compartment
Gas in seperate chamber