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As seen in numerous console games and films as such as John Wick the icon and unique Kel-Tec KSG Bull-pup GAS Shotgun from TM

To further its uniqueness the real steel KSG features two tubular magazines under the barrel. Each tube holds up to a maximum of seven shells and can be fired one after another for all 14 of them. In addition, you can select which tube you would like to use whither it be left or right, this can be done by using the selector lever found at the ejection port.

Tokyo Marui are continuing with their shotgun trend that shoots between 3 to 6 BB's at a time, this is selectable.
Going with tradition of it's older shotgun lines, this new KSG also has 3 inner barrels, each equipped with a fixed hop-up. Each shell has a capacity of 30 BBs, so you can keep shooting until the shell runs out of ammo before ejecting it. The gun holds two shells but can only load one shell at a time, and it only comes with 1 shell on purchase. Of course, additional shells are available for sale separately. The gas is stored in a removable gas cartridge stored in the stock of the gun, and additional gas tanks are also sold separately. On a full gas charge you will get around 70 pulls of the trigger making it very gas efficient.

Picatinny rail interface are also available on the top and bottom of the gun that allows mounting foregrips, laser designators, flash lights, scopes and sling mounts etc according to user's preference. Flip up iron sights are available on the top rail. Cheek rest are available on both sides of the stock. Refillable gas tank is also accessible from the back of the stock once the butt plate has been removed.

FPS is around 320fps (gas and weather dependent)