Tokyo Marui - HK416D Devgru Next Gen Recoil AEG

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Tokyo Marui - HK416D Devgru Next Gen Recoil

This version of the HK416 is the CQB ‘delta’ version, built with Tokyo Marui’s recoil and blowback system. The real steel HK416 s an adaptation of the AR15 design. 
This rifle is compatible with the standard Stanag recoil magazines, both mid and high caps. It comes with an 82 round mid cap magazine as standard. Fully adjustable 6 position stock which can be easily changed if you have the deans/tamiya modification done.

The ‘Devgru’ version is named this due to the use by Seal Team Six, the best of the best of the Navy Seals. It comes with a QD suppressor and built with a CQB barrel finishing at the front of the rail system.