Tokyo Marui - FN Scar-L FDE Next Gen Recoil AEG

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Tokyo Marui - FN Scar-L CQC FDE Next Gen Recoil AEG

Based originally from Belgian armaments manufacturer FN Herstal Scar-L series. The TM Recoil series is a true replica of the weapon. Featuring trademarks of FN Herstal (excluding company logo stamp) the Tokyo Marui recoil version does what it says on the tin.

It has a proprietary recoil and blowback system as well as a functioning bolt stop with midcaps only. The gun itself has a metal upper receiver and plastic lower like the real thing. They come with an 82 round mid capacity magazine, but 430 round high cap mags  are also available. The Scar-L series are compatible with the M4 Stanag type mags from Tokyo Marui.


  • Metal and polymer construction
  • Automatic bolt stop
  • Mini Tamiya Connector
  • FPS: 280
  • 20mm rail system