Tokyo Marui - Albert W Model 01P GBB Pistol

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he Tokyo Marui Albert W. Model 01 P is a gas blowback (GBB) airsoft pistol based on the M9 pistol and famously used by the character Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil video game series. It is known for its high quality, realistic features, and smooth gas blowback action.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Construction: The Albert W. Model 01 P is constructed from high-grade metal and plastic, giving it a solid and durable feel. The slide, frame, and internal components are all made of metal, while the grips are made of high-quality ABS plastic.
  • Gas Blowback Action: The Albert W. Model 01 P features a gas blowback action, which means that the slide reciprocates with each shot, giving the pistol a realistic feel and recoil. This also helps to cycle the action more reliably, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Realistic Features: The Albert W. Model 01 P features a number of realistic features that make it look and feel like the real M9 pistol. These include a full metal slide, an adjustable hop-up unit, a functioning safety lever, and a realistic magazine release.
  • Smooth and Accurate: The Albert W. Model 01 P is known for its smooth and accurate performance. The gas blowback action is smooth and consistent, and the hop-up unit allows for fine-tuning of accuracy.