Tesla - 7.4v 2500mah Li-Ion Stick Tamiya Plug

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7.4v 2500mah Stick Li-Ion Tamiya

The next generation of airsoft battery - the performance of a LiPo and the stability of a NiMH... introducing the Li-Ion!

This technology has been widely implemented in mobile phones and high end power tools for a while and now it's time to bring it to our favorite hobby! In the past you've been limited to smaller capacity NiMH batteries that fit nicely in your stock, or more space efficient LiPo batteries that don't quite fill the space, not anymore... The new compact Li-Ion cells fill nicely in most battery compartments designed for NiMH while offering all the benefits of a LiPo. With a whopping 2500mAh compared to 1300mAh of a LiPo or 1600mAh of a NiMH, you'll be able to play longer than ever before!

In practical terms you'll be able to double the number of rounds you can fire, easy as that. And with the higher C discharge rate over NiMH the 7.4 volts will give you the same rate of fire as the 8.4v of any NiMH battery.

To charge a Li-Ion battery you can use a specialist Li-Ion charger or your standard LiPo charger.