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The S&T Tavor T21 is a Bullpup Assault Rifle,
A bullpull style weapon has the workings in the case of an Airsoft AEG the Gearbox is mounted behind the Trigger Group.
This means that end up with a very long Inner Barrel in a compact package, so it is right at home in CQB
 and just as effective when you take it outdoors. If you're looking for something a little different from the norm, but still want to be able to use the same M4 / STANAG magazines as your buddies, then this is the one for you.

The Receiver of the T21 is made with a One-Piece Polymer body that is tough yet lightweight, and has texturing to make it easier to hold, even when wearing gloves.
 The T21 is Front Wired, and has a Mini Tamiya connector inside the Handguard, which is accessed by pressing the release button on the side and sliding the Handguard forwards. A compact Block Battery is ideal for the space inside.

The Tavor T21 features a 14mm CCW Thread at the end of the Barrel, which can be used by unscrewing the Flash Hider. This is ideal for mounting Suppressors, Tracer Units and other Muzzle Devices such as Compensators, to add functionality or purely for aesthetics. The top of the Gun has a full-length 20mm Rail running down the length of the body, which can be used to install Sights and Scopes. A set of Integrated Flip Up Ironsights are built into the Rail, should your Main Sight fail, or you choose not to use one. 

The Fire Controls are fairly straight forward, with a Safe/Semi/Auto Fire Selector as you would expect. The Magazine and Bolt Release (for the mock Dust Cover) and both located on the middle-underside of the Gun, so they can be used from both sides of the Gun; ideal for Left Handers. The Fire Selector and Charging Handle can be swapped over to the opposite side with some disassembly, if you want to make it completely Left Handed. 

Adjust can be found behind the Mock Dust Cover, accessed by pulling back on the Charging Handle. From here you can apply backspin to your BBs to improve range and consistency when paired with the right settings and BB Weight. The Gun also has a Quick Change Spring feature, which allows you to change the Main Spring in the Gun without having to disassemble the Gearbox. Simply open up the Butt Pad and release the Spring Guide. This is great news for those of you that play at a variety of sites with different Velocity Limits. At the rear of the T21 you will also find a QD Sling mount on both sides.

  • IWI Tavor Platform
  • Bullpup Style Replica
  • Quick Change Spring
  • One-Piece Receiver
  • Alloy Outer Barrel Assembly
  • Alloy 20mm Rail System
  • Flip Up Ironsights
  • Gear Type HOP Adjustment
  • 300rnd High Cap Magazine
  • Basic Battery & Charger Inc.
  • 14mm CCW Threaded Barrel
  • Removable Bird Cage Flash Hider
  • Large Trigger Guard
  • Safe/Semi/Auto Fire Selector
  • Ambi Mag Release
  • Ambidextrous Bolt Release
  • Charging Handle Can Swap Sides
  • 510mm Inner Barrel
  • QD Sling Sockets on Stock
  • Front Wired / Mini Tamiya