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The S&T Sterling MK5 (L34A1) is constructed to a highly realistic standard, using Steel for almost all of the externals, with the exception of a Polymer Pistol Grip and a Real Wood Handguard. The Gun features an Integrated Suppressor, which can be unscrewed for access to the "Outer/Inner Barrel Assembly". The Handguard is a ribbed block of Real Wood that has a Dark Stain/Varnish for a realistic feel and colouring. The Receiver features Integrated Sling Loops at the front/side and rear, allowing you to utilise a Two-Point Sling Setup for easy carrying, and use of a secondary. The Fire Selector on the Pistol Grip offers Safe / Semi / Full Automatic Fire Modes, allowing you to either take careful, aimed shots, or spray the enemy from the hip. The Folding Stock Assembly is functional, and can be folded down underneath the SMG like the real thing. To do this simply depress the back of the Receiver and fold the Stock away underneath the Gun. The Ironsights on top of the Gun are fixed in place, but the rear sight can be set between a standard ring and one more suited to strong light (when playing in bright conditions).

Included in the box is a 110rnd Mid Cap Magazine which is filled using a Speedloader, and is inserted into the side of the Receiver as per the real thing. This can then act as a Foregrip to stabilise the Gun (as seen in the movies), rather than the Handguard. The Sterling MK5 features a Rotary Style HOP Unit, which is externally accessible through a hole in the Receiver, found in front of the Trigger Guard. This can be used to apply backspin to your BBs, and keep them in the air for longer. This is ideally set at the site you want to play at, with the BB weight you're going to use on the day. Your Battery should be installed in the rear of the Gun, accessed by depressing the rear of the Receiver, folding the Stock away, rotating the Receiver End Cap and pulling it away from the Gun. Inside you will find a Mini Tamiya Connector, and enough space for a 7.4v LiPo Block Battery.

If you're looking for a forgotten piece of history, that is constructed to a realistic standard using Steel and Real Wood and performs excellently out of the box, then the S&T Sterling MK5 (L34A1) is a great choice.


  • Sterling Submachine Gun
  • L34A1 Special Forces Variant
  • Steel External Construction
  • Real Wood Handguard
  • Adjustable Rotary HOP Unit
  • Integrated Suppressor
  • Built-In Ironsights
  • Selectable Rear Ironsight Ring
  • Ribbed & Stained Handguard
  • Side-Loading Magazine
  • 110rnd Mid Cap Magazine
  • Safe / Semi / Full Auto Fire Select
  • Two Position Folding Stock
  • Diamond Textured Pistol Grip
  • Rear Wired / Mini Tamiya
  • Functional Mock Charging Handle
  • Front & Rear Sling Loop
  • WW2 Era Replica

Package Includes

  • S&T Sterling MK5 (L34A1)
  • 110rnd Mid-Cap Magazine
  • User Manual