S&T / Snow Wolf - KAR98K Spring Sniper Rifle

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One of the world's most iconic rifles, originally the standard issue weapon of the German infantry during
WW2, Kar98K's are still in use today as military aid in times of dire need. The real weapon is accurate up
to ranges of 500 Metres with the iron sights, but will kill at up to 1000 Metres when used with a telescopic
sight. These rifles have seen service in Vietnam with the NVA, where they were provided by the soviet
union - they have also been used in the 1990's during the Yugoslav Wars, these rifles are even being
used by the insurgents in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

While many will see the Kar98K as a classic "Bad Guy Gun" similar to how the AK is portrayed, it is testament
to the original design of the weapon as to how long it has lasted - the fact that Kar98's are still in use today
shows that they are strong and reliable weapons! DBOYS are known for making fantastic externals on their
weapons, and the Kar98 is no exception - the wood feels fantastic in the hand and the weight of the
rifle is really quite nice -

This makes an incredible collectors piece, and is as close to the action and loading/shooting a real rifle that you
are going to get from a spring powered airsoft rifle - this rifle is sure to turn heads when taken to a field, but is
just as likely to give you endless hours of fun shooting in the garden, all in all - a truly fantastic replica of what is
a truly fantastic weapon.