SRC - SR-33 (Tokarev) GBB Pistol



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This TT-33 (otherwise known as the Tokarev) designed by Fedor Tokarev in the early 30s, is a semi-automatic pistol that was made for the 7.62 x 25mm cartridge, a round designed to defeat low-tier body armour. This SRC SR-33 is a convincing replica of the pistol which is half metal Alloy constructed and half Polymer including the grips and part of the receiver. It is a realistic weight of 610g and feels great in the hands plus the realistic Gas Blowback action provides even more realism. The externals have good markings stamped at the rear of the frame, which is very close to the real thing.  The gun is powered by Gas and the magazine is of a single stack design, which holds a total of 11 rounds and is filled with gas from the bottom. This outstanding TT replica also has a Hop-Up system to deliver high accuracy.


  • Realistic Replica
  • TT-33 Tokarev
  • 11rnd Single Stack Mag
  • Gas Powered
  • Realistic Gas Blowback
  • Realistic Stamped Markings
  • 2 x Lanyard Points
  • Adjustable HOP-UP Unit
  • Alloy Slide & Frame
  • Polymer Pistol Grips