Specna Arms - SA-G11 KeyMod (G36C) EBB AEG

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Specna Arms have become very well known for producing impressive AR (M4/16 & HK416) style AEG's in a very short time.

They have brought some very unique features to the market with the SAEC spring change system that's used on some of their products using version 2 gearboxes.

They have now just released a range of G36 style AEG's that have EBB and quick change spring system.

As per the real steel G36 the main construction of this AEG is polymer, the handguard on the SA-G11 is KeyMod and constructed of metal giving the classic lines of the G36C an upto date look.

As this with all G36's this one features a folding to the side stock which makes the AEG ideal for CQB or it's also at home outside.

The AEG has a EBB (Electric Blow Back) system this adds to the realism and moves the ambi cocking handle and fake bolt cover every time you pull the trigger, if this is not to your liking the system can be very quickly disabled by unscrewing a guide connecting the piston with the fake bolt.

Inside the AEG the gearbox is a reinforced Version 3 that is lipo ready and can be used with LiPo or LiFe batteries.

The AEG has been tested and using Nuprol RZR 0.2's it gave a site friendly FPS of 330.

Included is a 350Rd Hi-Cap magazine, giving you plenty of ammunition for a game or two.