Specna Arms - SA-G01 M4/M203 Combination

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Specna Arms really don't do great at naming their guns this is the snappy named SA-G01, to you me and everyone else its a M4A1 with a M203.

This AEG comes complete with a M203 grenade launcher already fitted, its the old school barrel mounted launcher so ideal for Nam and anything up to first Gulf War load outs. The body has the USMC trademarks which are very nice indeed.

The gearbox is rewired and is the Enter and Convert system which means the main Spring can be changed in a matter of seconds once the gearbox has been removed from the body.

During Manufacture Specna Arms install the higher powered spring in to the gearbox which gives the AEG a FPS of around 420 ideal if going DMR and locking to Semi (Gate Warfet is ideal for this) a more friendly M90 spring that gives around the 320 mark is also included

The gearbox has a bearing piston head holds a steel spring guide, which is a part of Enter & Cover™ system and 8mm ball bearings mounted steel gears. The system is safeguarded by four anti-reversal latches. A lightweight, polycarbonate piston was equipped with steel tooth in order to increase its durability, a type 2 cylinder, steel circuit breaker and metal hop-up chamber. This is one strong gearbox.

All a lot of AEG from the new kid on the block Specna Arms.


  • Material: Zinc Alloy + Steel + Polymer
  • Length: 700 – 785mm
  • Weight: 3600g
  • Colour: Black
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~410 / ~310 FPS
  • Engine: Electric
  • Enter & Covert
  • Manufacturer: Specna Arms