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The SA-B06 carbine replica by Specna Arms was made mainly of homogeneous zinc and aluminium alloy, with use of steel elements in the most crucial places of the replica (hence all screws, pins and sling mount are made of steel). A fixed stock and pistol grip were made of polymer. The receiver of the replica and RIS rail system underwent a process of anodising, which guarantees a high level of protection from corrosion. The painting of the replica was done with pulverisation technique, after sandblasting the surface. This method of applying the paint is known from a.o. G&P replicas and guarantees much higher than usual wear resistance. On the receiver, USMC markings were placed.

The replica was fitted very well, in a way that can almost exclusively be observed with products by manufacturers of G&P or Classic Army class, and is perfectly balanced. It ensures a perfect mobility of the replica, and after placing it at the shoulder, we can barely feel its weight.

An Enter & Convert™ quick spring change system was installed in the replica. It enables to quickly and handily adjust the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the game field, without the necessity of having access to a workshop or a range of specialised tools – after taking the gearbox out from the receiver, the process of exchanging the spring takes literally a couple of seconds.

The advantages of the Enter & Convert™ system are hard to overrate. In the wake of a popular tendency to legally limit the muzzle velocity of the replicas and standing agreements inside the airsoft societies, this system guarantees the user considerable possibilities and a lot of freedom. The Enter & Convert™ system enables to change the main spring at minimum time expense, thus adjusting the initial muzzle velocity to the requirements of the skirmish site to ensure a perfect compromise between efficiency and players' safety.

The replica was fully adjusted to work with LiPo and LiFe type batteries. Due to its default initial muzzle velocity of ~410 FPS provided by the defaultly mounted main spring, the replica suits perfectly for operating on middle distance. The package includes also a M90 type spring, which allows us lower the muzzle velocity to ~310 FPS, adjusting it to operate on short distances or inside of buildings.

The gearbox was reinforced at the cylinder head and contains a steel spring guide, which is an element of the Enter & Convert™ system, and steel gears on 8mm ball bearings. The system is secured with four anti-reversal latches. A light piston made of polycarbonate plastic was equipped with a steel tooth to increase its durability. Also, a type 2 cylinder and metal hop-up chamber were used.

After demounting the carrying handle we gain access to a 22mm RIS rail allowing to equip the carbine with various types of scopes. The replica is equipped with adjustable iron sights made of metal metal. The battery can be placed inside the fixed stock. A lot of space available inside the stock allows for a high-capacity battery to be used. A standard flash hider was mounted on a 14mm CCW thread, which allows a silencer to be mounted instead of it.

The replica was equipped with a working bolt catch for increased realism.

The replica is sold with a steel hi-cap magazine holding 300 BBs. Its colouring matches the colour of military-issued magazines.

The package includes:

  • the replica
  • a magazine
  • an additional main spring