Specna Arms - P Mag M4 AEG MidCap - Grey

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Specna Arms - P Mag M4 AEG Midcap TM VFC G&G SA EC .

Want the same type of magazine that is supplied with your Specna Arms?

These Specna P Mags are identical to the ones supplied with certain Specna Replicas

They are the traditional type of midcap magazines that need a Speedloader to fill

Very similar in design to the popular brand of P, mag the body of the magazine has a ridges on the magazine which allows wet slippy hands to grab the mag when needed.

Supplied with a dust cover to keep muck and dirt out of the mag when not in use or just to look cool.

Note to eBay

These items are legal to own and sell in the UK and ROI under the VCRA 2006 and Crime Reduction Act 2018.

They cannot be converted for use in a live firing firearm and can only be used for there original purpose.