Specna Arms - EDGE SA-E06 URX II Rail AEG - Blackr

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New from Specna Arms is their new Edge Series of AEG’s
The E06 uses a 12” URX II Rail System which helps save weight to the AEG.
If you are looking to create create a UK SF L119A2 on a budget the E06  is the ideal candidate to do this, the URX Rail is very similar to the system used on the L119.
These AEG’s have a full metal receiver with the trades marks from Rock River Arms which is a US Firearms Manufacturer who produces weapons for a number of US Agency’s.

The EDGE series is a completely new line of AEG Rifles designed by Specna Arms designed to meet the expectations of even the most feature hungry Airsoft player. Out of the box and installed as standard they featureadvanced GATE electronics technology. Each rifle features a wide range of upgrades and advanced parts right out of the box. You no longer need to spend time and money contemplating what to upgrade out of the box, the rifle comes perfect right out of the box.


Pre-installed with the 4th generation GATE X-ASR Mosfet. A huge array of features including: Polarity Protection, a Smart Fuse system, built-in self testing capability and Trigger debouncing. This mosfet leaves you with a higher rate of fire, a faster trigger response, with a MOSFET less prone to overheating.

Rotary Hop-Up Chamber

All EDGE rifles come fitted with Specna Arm’s latest in Hop-Up technology. The hop-unit features a large radial adjustment wheel allowing for precise and stable adjustments to the hop applied to the BB before it travels down the barrel, and is designed for a wide range of BB weights.

6.03mm Inner Barrel

Included in all of the EDGE range of rifles is a high quality 6.03mm tightbore Airsoft barrel, designed to improve the accuracy of the rifle thanks to its tighter bore. The barrel is pre-fitted as a precision, high quality upgrade.

The heart of the Edge series is the new Orion Gearbox.


Pre-upgraded right out of the box to meet the highest of standards set by modern Airsoft Skirmishers. Featuring a reinforced design made possible by high quality Aluminium and Steel internal parts for optimum performance.

Reinforced piston with full steel teeth
Aluminium Airs seal nozzle
Aluminium double seal cylinder head
Aluminium double seal piston head
Spring guide with bearing
Steel gears
8mm ball bearing
Quick change spring system