Snow Wolf M3A1 Grease SMG (Grey/Green)

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This AEG M3A1 Grease gun without blowback system [SW-M6-02]. As well as the real gun it is from large part made of pressed steel, from metal alloy is only outer barrel. On the gun you will not find plastic parts for maximum imitation! This simple and robust machine gun due to its unusual look is given the nickname “Grease gun”. The latest version with mark M3A1 is against previous model different in absence of cocking handle on the left side of body. Manufacturer place very small battery into the pistol grip. Mechanical safe of whole gun is closed by dust cover. This unique from WWII served in the US unit equal to 50 years, so certainly expands our great exclusive offer these lesser-known and on the battlefields less expanded weapons.


A typical metal gearbox contains high quality steel gears, precision metal bearings 8 mm (combination of sliding and ball), spring M110, Spring guide without bearing (combination metal/plastic) reinforced cylinder head (exhaust eccentric at the bottom section) and vacuum piston head. Includes a charger, cleaning rod and a wind up Hi-cap magazine 520 rounds.


  • Adjutable Hop Unit 
  • Primarily Metal Construction 
  • 1:1 Scale
  • 520rnd High Cap Magazine 
  • Safe / Semi / Auto 
  • Iron Sights 
  • Sliding Stock 
  • Sling Loop