Snow Wolf M1A1 AEG (SW-05 - Black)

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This Airsoft Electric Gun is a stunning replica of the Thompson M1A1 Military Model which saw its’ debut during World War II, however has been around for many years previously in various Civilian and Federal configurations. The M1A1 model was adapted for military use and featured a smooth barrel with no cooling elements, a more simple iron sight, a modified blowback action and the charging handle was moved to the side of the receiver. This replica embodies all the motifs of the M1A1 design and is very pleasant to hold at a stunning 3kg total weight.

The RIF performs great both outdoors and indoors, with a chrono reading of FPS using a 0.2g BB, which makes it suitable for outdoor use provided you set the HOP correctly to a 0.25g+ BB, and will more than excel in CQB engagements thanks to its short overall length and manageable yet realistic weight. The fire controls on the receiver are accurate to the real world model and features a separation of the Fire/Safe Semi/Auto controls. The mock charging handle is functional and allows you to work the bolt after a mag-change for ultimate movie-moments. The rotary HOP unit is easily accessible from the side of the receiver, and should be increased with BB weight to add backspin, and increase effective range.

The external faux wood furniture is made from Polymer which is very thick to feel convincing, and has been finished with a lacquer that gives it a realistic dull-shine. The stock at the rear is where the battery is housed, and has a unique spring-loaded rotating baseplate that makes it incredibly easy to install the battery. There’s loads of space available in the stock so this replica will accept virtually every battery, provided it can connect to a Mini Tamiya connector and doesn’t exceed a 9.6v NiMH or 7.4v LiPO. The RIF features front a rear sling loops on the handguard and stock to attach either the included sling or your own. Please remember that the included sling isn’t the best quality, so we would highly recommend an aftermarket one.

This Airsoft replica would be a fantastic addition to any collector’s range, and especially WW2/Vietnam/Earlier skirmishers who don’t get the greatest pool of reliable RIFs to work from. You will not be disappointed with how the M1A1 performs next to your modern day replicas, let alone your historical ones.