Silverback SRS A1 Covert 16" - FDE

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Utilizing a bullpup design makes the system nearly a foot shorter than its equivalent barrel length competitors, while maintaining concealability and maneuverability without the sacrifice of accuracy. The SRS Covert compresses the package even smaller, at the overall length of 26inch, it maintains the lethalness of a full sized bolt action rifle in the profile of a submachine gun.

The Silverback SRS series comes in three barrel lengths:

The SRS Covert comes with a 16-inch barrel, 14mm CCW threaded barrel with no muzzle break; short quad rail system.

The Silverback SRS series comes with a 6.05 AEG type precision inner barrel and is equipped with the innovative two sided hopup adjustment system that utilizes normal AEG type hopup buckings, enabling precise hopup adjustment. On the chassis also includes an adjustable cheek rise and a quick adjustable butt pad system.

Color: FDE
Action: Bolt action
Power: Spring
Magazine: 30 rounds
Power: 400fps
Weight: 3,700g
Inner Barrel type: AEG
Inner Barrel length:
SRS-Covert Short: 480mm
Hopup type: Adjustable, AEG hopup bucking
Spring: AEG type