Silverback - HTI Hard Target Interdiction Bullpup Sniper Rifle (Deposit)

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In Airsoft there have been a few attempts at making a useable .50cal Airsoft Sniper Rifle, most have been great to look at but not great in performance, the Shell Ejecting Barrett was epic but had no more performance than a standard AEG.

Silverback Airsoft have broken the mould, following on from the Desert Tech SRS they have produced it’s bigger brother the Hard Target Interdiction or HTI for short in an Airsoft Version.

The HTI is massive on every scale compared to the SRS, a 720mm inner barrel with a 6.04mm inner diameter is installed, the hop is adjusted the same as the normal SRS via allen keys, the SRS Fast Hop can be installed on the HTI if wanted.

To send your plastic death to it’s Target the HTI produces a trully massive air volume of 72Cm2 this is almost double of what a normal SRS produces. You can see the comparison of the SRS versus HTI in the product gallery.

As this HTI is a .50BMG Weapon the magazine is also a tad bigger than the SRS magazine the HTI mag holds 38bbs, the accessory extended bb followers can be used on the HTI magazine.

As with the SRS the HTI features a CNC Metal Reciver and a Polymer reinforced body as found on the Real HTI.

To make your HTI quieter the Elite Iron Suppressor as used on the Real HTI will be available as an accessory, as image of the Suppressor can be seen in the images next to the SRS Lightweight for size comparison.

The retail price of the HTI has not been confirmed by Silverback but after conversations we expect the price to be around £850.

We are taking deposits of £350 to secure your HTI and the final price will be emailed to you as soon as advised.