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If you are looking for something modern, compact and unique with which to turn and burn in CQB the Sig Air MPX AEG would be a superb choice. This mould-breaking new SMG is a near-perfect replica of the real Sig MPX, the 9mm SMG offspring of the legendary MCX carbine. 

The Sig Air MPX is built like a tank, sporting full metal construction and precision CNC machining across its externals and flawlessly realistic SIG trademarks, and is pre-wired with a basic MOSFET to keep its trigger contacts protected as you lay down rapid semi-auto shots in CQB, in the MPX’s natural habitat.

Bored of other pistol calibre smg's but want to try a new Airsoft SMG? SigAir have you covered with the awesome new MCX AEG, a modern SMG design derived from the exceptional Sig MCX. The real MPX is well known for being a superb SMG with great handling thanks to its ambidextrous M4/AR15 based controls and also makes use of the ultra slick “new” 1913 rail /20mm Picatinny rail stock attachment system, allowing you to change stocks depending on your role and operating environment. 

The Airsoft version boasts the same slick handling and cutting-edge stock attachment system with a well equipped VFC Avalon gearbox, complete with an active breaking MOSFET to keep the gearbox well timed and preserve the trigger contacts. An impressive tool with some superb CQB potential, let's take a closer look around the MPX and see what's what with this 21st-century SMG.

Starting at the tip of the 8-inch outer barrel we can find a birdcage flash hider attached to 14mm CCW male threading. The flash hider is constructed from alloy with a subtle gun metal grey finish and can be switched out for any 14mm CCW compatible muzzle device, including tracer units, suppressors and alternative flash hiders. 

The handguard of the MPX is constructed from aluminium and is finished with CNC machining, giving it a flawless form with all the details of the original firearm. M-LOK attachment slots can be found at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, providing plenty of options when it comes to accessorising the MPX without making the handguard uncomfortable to hold when kept simple. Punctuating the M-LOK slots we can see weight-reducing ports which keep the front end of the MPX lightweight and agile, ensuring you can point it quickly and react to sudden threats in a CQB environment. 

At the 12 o’clock position we have a 20mm Picatinny rail which is ready to accept any 20mm Picatinny accessories, including red dot sights and magnifiers. Despite its small size, there is plenty of room up top, and the monolithic top rail allows for a PEQ15, red dot sight and magnifier to be mounted a the same time if you are the type to deck your primary weapon out to the fullest extent. 

The battery compartment of the MPX is located inside the handguard, and can be inserted through the front where you will find a mini-Tamiya battery connector.