Serpa Style Drop Leg Holster - Sig P226 (Tan)

Fubar Bundy Airsoft


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This leg holster system,  is designed to fit your sidearm snugly and securely.
Created from a tough polymer mix this holster is strong, lightweight and easy to clean.
The holster is designed to hold your pistol without any straps, making it easy to quickly draw and return your pistol to a ready stance.
The leg and belt straps are fully adjustable, with the leg straps featuring quick detach buckles.
Perfect for any Pistol user who has no rig space for a pistol holster, and wants to quickly draw their pistol.

The package includes:
RH holster
Drop leg
Belt and Paddle mounting system
Mag and Torch pouch.

These holsters are available for all the popular models and have been tested with
Sig P226's  from WE, Stark Arms, KJ-Works and TM