Secutor - Rudis XI - 1911 Custom Pistol

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SECUTOR - Rudis XI - 1911 Custom Pistol

(Silver Barrel - Co2 Powered - Gas Ready - Black)

"Secutor Dicet, Inimicus Silet"

The secutor was an ancient roman gladiator class, Otherwise known as the "Hunter" They carried a sword and a shield and wore a distinctive helmet with two small eye holes and a rounded fish like top, on the sword arm they also wore heavy armour plate and on the sword side they had metal greaves. This made them one of the most heavily armed and armoured gladiators.

The Rudis series of custom 1911's come with a number of features to bring them to the top of the class for "URBAN WARFARE TOOLS"


Using a aluminium alloy slide instead of the cheaper Zinc Alloy  that many other airsoft companies use, allows for a much more reliable weapons platform. The Lightening cuts not only look great, but are a massive boon when racking the slide back, allowing for easy purchase in all adverse conditions.


The non dropping design outer barrel allows for higher accuracy, as it keeps the barrel in line with the target at all times. In addition, It is hard finished in either Tactical Black, Silver or Gold. Topping it off is the Sword "Tattoo" engraving, which stabs at your enemy everytime you pull the trigger. The muzzle of the barrel is even threaded to allow for swift attachement of a suppressor. An O-ring and Knurled cover protect the crown of the muzzle when it is not suppressed.

CO2 Powered - Green Gas ready

The RUDIS series of pistols comes out of the box with a CO2 magazine. As SECUTOR feel this is the best way to acheive maximum performance in European conditions. Be it snowing or raining, A CO2 capsule system can provide more consistent power flow than most green gas magazines.


Using the latest in regulation technologies, the RUDIS series of pistols have solved the age old problem of CO2 powered Airsoft systems having a muzzle velocity to high for many game systems. The specially calibrated Blow Back system is specifically tuned to deliver a set 1Joule of power. Allowing for maximum compatibility and legality across the UK and Europe.

"When the Hunter Speaks, His Enemies Fall Silent"


Laser Engraved Moto on top slide

Laser Engraved Rudis Logo on Right hand side

Made in Taiwan

CAST IRON Recoil Spring

ALUMINIUM Hammer & Trigger