Saigo - Mk23 Silent Assassin NBB Pistol

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Saigo MK23 Silent Assassin Socom Pistol. 

This pistol in its various manufacturers has got to be the favourite side arm of airsoft snipers world wide. It’s quiet, efficient, powerful and accurate straight out of the box. 

The TM MK23 is the king of these pistols it’s a great platform but it’s costly and can be hard to source, so onwards to the contenders to the throne or should that be contender?

The non blow back MK23 is available from a few different brands ASG, STTI and now Saigo, but don’t be concerned as these are all the same, ther may be a few tweaks to the marking on the slide and frame but thats it. 
Completely compatible with upgrades for the TM or ASG it will be come even more epic. 

As a non-blowback pistol, all the gas delivered to your shot from the magazine is used to propel the BB as there is no need to use surplus gas to blow the slide back. For this reason the weapon is incredibly efficient, meaning you will get at least two and a half magazines off a single charge of gas. The other benefit of this is that the weapon is stupendously quiet, especially with the included suppressor installed. So much so, that its not unheard of for MK23 players to get a stepped on in the field before they're spotted. The suppressor acts as an inner barrel extension which serves to increase the output FPS of the pistol when installed, but also to improve accuracy and consistency. Due to the FPS increase from the suppressor, you must chrono your weapon with the suppressor installed if you plan to use it during play, and be aware that as the day gets hotter, your weapon may creep up in power so make sure to recheck yourself with a marshal if there's any doubt.


  • None Blowback (NBB) Airsoft Pistol
  • Extremely Gas Efficient
  • Two Stage trigger
  • Trigger can be precocked for a faster First Shot
  • Trigger Lock Safety
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • 16mm CCW Front Thread
  • Front Rail for LAM Module or 20mm Rail Adaptor
  • Suppressor extends barrel length and boosts FPS