RWA - Battle Arms Development 556-LW Airsoft AEG



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To give a weaon an acronym of BAD is surely not a great idea, however but this B.A.D. rifle is far from it.

The RWA B.A.D. AEG is a project long in the making and features excellence both internally and externally. Fully licensed by cutting-edge firearm and accessories manufacturers Battle Arms Development and Fortis MFG, the RWA B.A.D. AEG is truly a sight to behold. Featuring all of the flagship parts from both companies such as the upper and lower receiver, stock, and rail, this electric airsoft gun is not only sure to turn heads but replicates each part exactly down to the very dimensions seen on the real steel counterparts.

Externally, the B.A.D. AEG is an AR15 patterned rifle and features Battle Arms Development's flagship LW or Lightweight upper and lower receiver. This receiver is not only highly stylized for the sake of style, but is crafted in a way that is ideal for weight saving. As seen on the previous gas blowback version, each line and cut is carefully crafted to be 1:1 with the real steel version. This level of accuracy is translated to the controls as well. All the control surfaces such as the magazine release, bolt release, and selector are licensed by B.A.D. and compliments the rifle nicely. In addition, you will find the wildly loved B.A.D. VERT stock and a buffer tube extension plus remove butt pad for additional storage space. This is to ensure each user has the opportunity to maintain the sleek look of the rifle with still using Titan Batteries!

The Fortis SWITCH handguard is a lightweight, skinny M-LOK rail that features a quick detach function. This function is ideal for shooters or users that want to preset their rail before placing it on the rifle. The benefit of this is to allow easy installation of M-LOK compatible accessories without having to deal with the barrel getting in the way of installation. This also means if you have more than one of these guns, you have potentially endless possibilities when it comes to rifle setup.

Internally the RWA B.A.D. AEG is no slouch. This electric airsoft gun comes with an RWA edition Gate Aster and is hand tuned to ensure optimal performance right out of the box. The trigger feeling is extremely snappy and responsive while offering a smooth pull and break. Perhaps the one feature that will be sure the put a smile on your face is the preset binary trigger mode. This allows the user to take full advantage of the rifle's high performance by shooting one BB when you pull the trigger and a second BB when you release the trigger. This binary trigger function easily allows any shooter to send a volley of BBs downrange at a rapid and accurate pace!

The hop-up is a rotary style hop that is easy to adjust and holds in place nicely. It's effective for both lightweight and heavier weight BBs. As we previously alluded to the usage of Titan batteries, this AEG comes T-Plugs (Deans) ready.

Finally, as we have previously mentioned, is fully licensed, this rifle features a wide range of items from both B.A.D. and Fortis. Below is a parts list breakdown:

  • Fortis Licensed SWITCH 556 Rail System - MLOK
  • Fortis Licensed Muzzle Brake 5.56
  • B.A.D. Licensed Collapsible VERT Stock
  • B.A.D. Licensed 556-LW Receiver
  • B.A.D. Licensed Lightweight Low Profile Gas Block
  • B.A.D. Licensed BAD-ASS Safety
  • B.A.D. Licensed Enhanced Bolt Catch
  • B.A.D. Licensed Large Enhanced Modular Magazine Release
  • B.A.D. Licensed Enhanced Takedown Pin
  • B.A.D. Licensed BAD-ATG AEG Grip