Rossi - Neptune L119A2 Style 10.5" AEG - Black

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Up untill now If you wanted to rock an UKSF L119A2, you had few options, a custom build or the inspired look drop an Angry Gun A2 Rail on your own donnor weapon,. For the ones looking for a cloase as possible and  or if running a GBBR or GDR15 then you had  HAO kit or the C-Tech L119A2 DAS Kit and the new kid on the block the Archwich L119A2 on the TM MWS System all of the these where expensive and time consuming to source and build. 

The Rossi Neptune 10.5” SAS is inspired by the L119A2 used by the UKSF (or British special forces) since 2014. It gained a lot of attentesion and made it on to main stream media with the SAS Operator using his L119A2 to take on the terroists in the Narobi shopping centre attack. 

These new models are not 100% correct but to the untrained eye are a very good out of the box example of the Colt Canada L119A2, with full-metal body and handguards. Their robustness and solid assembly of the materials provides a sturdy feel and it shows that there is a very well done CNC work in the RIS that can compete in terms of quality with other high-end brands. There are markings on both sides of the replica, on the outside we can see the logo of the trident that represents the Neptune series and the text “Op. Neptune Spear” to honour the men who participated in the operation to capture Osama Bin Laden. It has Rossi's markings on the inside of the replica and the unique serial number of each model.

This rifle boasts Full Metal construction, an 8mm Quick Change Spring System Gearbox, Programmeable Mosfet, precision 6.02mm Inner Barrel, Maple Leaf 60º Super Macaron Bucking twinned with Maple Leaf Omega Nub make this a seriously High Value for Money Rifle, ready to rock at 330fps right out of the box, but also ripe for upgrade.

This Neptune rifle from ROSSI has their latest V.2 programmable trigger, which allows semi, auto, binary and 2, 3, 4 or 5 burst fire modes out the box. 


• Programmable Electronic trigger with active brake
• Combined 16:1 CNC gears for higher ROF
• Piston with steel teeth
• Bushings with 8 mm bearings
• QD metal spring guide with bearing
• Piston head with bearing
• CNC Aluminium nozzle with o-ring

• 6,02 mm precision barrel
• 300 mm inner barrel
• One-piece outer barrel
• Weight: 2500 g
• Length: close: 740 mm-810 mm
• CNC Light 10.5" handguard
• Metal folding sights
• Metal receiver
• Metal stock tube
• Collapsible nylon fibre stock
• 2x Polymer mid-cap 120 bbs magazines