Rebel - 0.20g Tracer Precision 6mm 3300Rds - Bottle

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To get the max performace and accuracy out of your airsoft weapon then you need a quality BB. 

New & Improved Rebel Precision BBs Are Here. Produced in Taiwan Exclusively for Rebel.

Designed to work with all barrel types from tight-bore to wide-bore and everything else in between,
our BB’s are perfectly spherical, highly polished and have no seams ensuring a consistent
top level of accuracy.


  • Precision manufacturing process ensures consistency
  • High gloss finish polish results in a BB free of seams and surface imperfections
  • Improved accuracy and shot consistency.
  • Designed to be used with all FPS ranges, Rebel precision BBs are less prone to chipping, chopping, or shattering even in high FPS / high pressure situations.