Raven - EU17 Digi Desert + BDS

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Raven EU17 Digi Desert - BDS 

This Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is an EU17 replica which comes out of the box with a Red Dot Sight installed for rapid target acquisition. The RIF is constructed with a tough Alloy slide and a high-density Polymer frame which is not only robust, but offers fantastic grip even when wearing gloves. The frame can be made wider for those with bigger hands by installing the included back-straps to the back of the grip.

The main feature of this series of pistol is the included Red Dot Sight which comes pre-installed at the rear of the slide, to offer rapid target acquisition, easy sight picture and most importantly: it looks absolutely amazing! The light-enhancing Ironsights have been redesigned so that they can be seen through the Dot Sight should you ever run out of battery mid-skirmish, so that you can keep on fighting. The Dot Sight is easily controlled from two push buttons either side, and comes with a handy tool to make adjustments to Windage and Elevation (Up/Down, Left/Right), so that you can have your pistol shooting spot on the mark. Underneath the frame you will find a 20mm Tactical Rail which is ready for your Torches, Lasers or anything else you can throw at it. The end of the barrel features an 11mm CCW female thread which will let you install Thread Adaptors and Suppressors, should it not already be stylish enough for you out of the box!

The pistol is powered by Green Gas and throws out 0.2g BBs at 295FPS (average) with a strong recoil, even more so when you use the included CO2 conversion parts to run this pistol on a CO2 bulb (using a separately purchased CO2 magazine). The CO2 conversion is really handy for when Winter rolls in and Gas Pistols start to struggle with the cold weather; you can be sure that your pistol still fights through it where others will fail. On the underside of the frame is a trigger lock safety which is activated by pulling the black tab to the rear, which will then lock the trigger and stop the pistol from firing.