PTS Syndicate Magpul - PDR-C Compact Personal Defence Rifle AEG

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Is this the ultimate CQB airsoft platform ?

The PTS PDR-C offers compact form-factor and unique capabilities for individuals with need for such a low profile design. It is small and thin enough to be carried with a single point sling but is deployable even from a seated position making it ideal for use in tight spaces.

The PDR-C is compatible with AR-15/M16 AEG magazines, allows for emergency supplement from others carrying standard M16s or M4s.

An ultra-compact bullpup-style design keeps the overall length to a minimum while still accommodating a highly effective 260mm barrel.

PDR-C AEG is the perfect CQB electronic Airsoft rifle for the ultimate range and accuracy performance. The MAGPUL PDR-C is designed to be a compact airsoft rifle with a CQB inner barrel to maintain excellent range and accuracy in such a short yet highly comfortable and ergonomic package. Comes designed to be ambidextrous, allowing for the magazines to be released from either side, allowing for left and right handed shooting.

Other Features: 

  • Ambidextrous & ergonomic design
  • Single point sling mount
  • Quick adjust hop unit
  • Quick change spring
  • Reversible dummy mid ejection system
  • Ambidextrous charging handle
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Electronic two stage trigger
  • Magpul M4 magazine compatibility

Package Includes:

  • Rifle
  • Instruction Manual
  • Magazine Cover
  • Magpul dummy bullet