Oper8 - RWD (Rapid Weapon Development) Sling - Black

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Oper8 RWD (Rapid Weapon Deployment) Sling – Black

These two point slings feature a padded neck strap to spread the weight of heavier equipment, Adjustable glide buckles and both ends and a quick release shackle – enabling rapid adjustment on the fly – This sling allows you to have your rifle slung close to your body to free your hands up and by pulling on the quick release shackle the sling loosens to allow you to manipulate your weapon again. You can then sinch the rifle close to your body by pulling on the webbing tail – This tail is also retained to the sling by a velcro strap so no loose ends!

Available in 4 colours – Black, Green, Tan and Pencott – Please note that these slings do not come with QD mounts or HK style clips