Nuprol Small Case Lock

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Being TSA Certified, the Transport Security Authority will have their own key to open this lock should they need to inspect the contents, meaning that your padlock won't be destroyed when inspected. The shackle is very strong however also quite thin, meaning you'll be able to find a multitude of uses for it. However, the NUPROL series of padlocks are all designed to work with their current range of hard cases, such as the Wheeled Hard Case and Small Pistol Hard Case. The padlock is very easy to set up and use, coming with full instructions for opening the lock and setting your code.


  • 3 Digit combination Lock
  • TSA Certified
  • Works with NUPROL pistol/rifle hard cases
  • Ideal for small bags and luggage
  • Durable cable type shackle
  • Perfect for securing lockboxes and gun cases

Package Includes:

  • Nuprol Pistol Small Case Lock

Special Instructions:

How do I open the lock when I buy it?

The lock code is set to 0-0-0 by default. Turn the code wheels to aim the code at the mark, then push the release button on the side to release the shackle.

How do I set a new Code?

To set a new code you must first open the lock and then hold down the reset button on the underside of the lock. Then you must turn the code wheels to your new desired code and release the reset button, testing it works by pressing the shackle release button at the top